For more than 10 years we've been driving guests to the different stages of the Rally Sweden. We have planned different tours due to the time schedule of the Rally. Most of the tours starts in Karlstad but we also have one from Örebro and one with a pick-up in Torsby. 

It works like this. We start in the early morning from Karlstad (you decide where you depart) and we go north. The closest stages are about 80-100km from Karlstad. We always plan to be in good time before it starts. (about 1h before the first start).  We watch all the WRC cars and then gather again by the bus and drive to the next stage. 

On the saturday we have a direct bus to "Colins Crest" ( VARGÅSEN). This means that you spend all day at the same stage. (Perfect choice if you have a VIP-ticket)


Here you book your seat. Click on the date and you will see the different choices(in the form to the right) . You buy the bus ticket and the ticket to the Rally. 

If you're going more than one day you might consider to buy a FESTIVAL PASS. If you're just going for one day - it's enough to buy a day ticket. 


When you buy the ticket or FESTIVAL PASS from us, we deliver them on the bus in the morning if nothing else is agreed. We sell day tickets on the bus. (Cash payment or Swish)  


  • Be in good time to catch the bus (it leaves on time, cannot wait)
  • Albways board the bus where to booked it from  
  • Bring extra bag - we have lots of space in the luggage room the in the bus. Extra clothes something to eat and drink. 
We will email you a good-to-know-before-info

Your bus ticket should be payed before departing the bus if nothing else is agreed. Seats that are booked in the last-minute could be payed on board with cash payment or swish. Here on the webb you pay with credit card.