14-17 feb 2019
Vi kör som vanligt Rallybussen till de olika sträckorna.  Fr o m 1 Oktober bör vi veta mer exakt program & tider.
Skicka in din intresseanmälan så skickar vi ett mail till dig och påminner.

Är ni en grupp som vill ha hjälp med hotell, övriga 

arrangemang så skicka gärna ett mail till info@rallybussen.se 


The dates for the Rally 2019 are here now, 14-17th feb 2019. 

We will arrange the Rallybus again. We don't have exact dates and tours, but from 1st October - we hope to have the program done.    You could fill out the form with your contact information and we will contact you as soon as we have all information updated. 

If you are a group or want to have help with accommodation 
and other arrangements - contact us info@rallybussen.se